Air Conditioning Santa Monica

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  • Residential Air Conditioning Services Santa Monica

    Our experienced and qualified team will advise you on the most effective and efficient air conditioner to suit your home and your budget.

  • During installation our technicians adhere to the following standards (as a minimum) to allow for consistency in the quality of our work:

    - Refrigerant pipe is insulated separately to the flare knuckle
    - All wall penetrations are sealed
    - Pipe work and cabling is fully enclosed by ductwork to suit the d├ęcor of your home
    - Outdoor unit is mounted on a high quality pre-fabricated concrete slab or mounted on wall/roof brackets specifically designed for air conditioning installations
    - Outdoor units are not mounted within 1.5m of exchangeable gas cylinders and 3.5m of refillable gas cylinders
    - All drain work is routed to a drain or waste point wherever possible, and fitted with a tundish to prevent any backflow from heavy rain
    - A weatherproof isolator is mounted adjacent to the outdoor unit on all installations
    - All 10amp electrical connections are concealed with an isolator adjacent to the outdoor unit

  • After installation our technician will allow you time to inspect the work to ensure that you are entirely satisfied. The technician will also take the time to help you become familiar with the operation of the unit.