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  • AC Services Santa Monica

    Santa Monica Airconditioning is committed to providing the equipment and service required to meet our customer's air conditioning needs. Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Actron and LG are just a few of the brands we can supply. For payment Visa and MasterCard, Direct Debit and BPay facilities are available.

  • Get maximum performance and efficiency from your reverse cycle split system. It's the same as having your car serviced, to maintain a good running system. By having your airconditioner serviced on a regular basis you will notice the unit will perform better and will be more cost effective. It will also improve the air quality, reduce airborne bacteria and allergies. Therefore providing a healthier environment. Ensure that your air conditioning unit is serviced once a year to protect your manufacturer warranty. Not having the required service may void your warranty.

  • Some of our services are as follows:

    - Domestic Air Conditioning Maintenance
    - Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance
    - Domestic Filtration Replacement and Cleaning
    - Building Air Conditioning Fitouts and Design
    - Security